Jonathan Polidoro, CFSC, CSCS

Fitness Coach

From corporate fitness, to commercial gyms, to the physical education classroom, Jon has spent a lot of time in the health and wellness industry working with nearly every demographic. His approach has always remained the same; treat exercise and physical education like medicine. Find the right dosage for each individual, stick to the script, and watch every aspect of a person’s life improve, from confidence to mental health to productivity.

Jon earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2011 where he started out his career in the classroom. After getting certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist through NSCA he segued into corporate wellness. There, he maintained an educator-first approach, helping office-workers balance their hectic and stressful schedules by promoting on-the-spot health services from personal training, to educational seminars, to regular biometric testing.

Jon understands that health and fitness is there to enrich someone’s life, not consume it. Outside of the gym, Jon is a self-proclaimed movie critic to his wife’s demise, he enjoys going to the Jersey beach every chance he gets, drinking overpriced craft beer, and trying out new recipes.