Emily Jennings, CFSC, FST

Fitness Coach

Growing up always playing a sport, whether volleyball, basketball, soccer, or running track, Emily realized at an early age how important exercise was for an optimal quality of life. After going through a few injuries related to sports herself, she became very aware of how vital a good coach can be to someone’s physical health and wellbeing, and knew at that time that this was something she wanted to pursue professionally.

Emily received a volleyball scholarship to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri where she earned her degree in Exercise Science. It was towards the end of her college career that she became a certified strength coach through the NSCA and began working as a fitness coach at a privately owned gym in the St. Louis area. She worked mainly with the middle-aged general population and quickly realized that a good percentage of people had some sort of an injury or movement insufficiency that she wanted to better be able to help.

Emily earned her License of Massage Therapy and began helping clients at the gym through their injuries, allowing them to recover more quickly from their workouts. Always curious and wanting to learn more, she attended a Fascial Stretch Therapy course and many other courses that enabled her to help people move even better and feel great. Emily believes that physical activity is one of the most important things an individual can do for their health and longevity.

Outside of the gym, Emily loves listening to fitness-related podcasts, reading, and always learning more to help her clients. She also enjoys listening to live music, being with friends and family, fishing and gigging, and playing sand volleyball.